Welcome to hplccolumns.org - a free, online resource for selectivity data and tools for High Performance Liquid Chromatography.

A current database containing column parameters for over 600 reversed-phase HPLC columns characterized using the Hydrophobic Subtraction Model of reversed-phase selectivity can be found in the Column Selectivity Database tab.

In the How It Works tab, you will find backround information about the fundamental basis of the Hydrophobic Subtraction Model.

See the About tab for information about the history of the Hydrophobic Subtraction Model and this website. We are very interested in feedback on both this site and the model, so please do not hesitate to contact us with comments or questions.

What's New

November 9, 2012

Today we've added an additional 40 columns to the database, bringing the current total to 589. As part of this update, we welcome new contributing manufacturers Orochem Technologies and Genius Technologies.

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